Saturday, March 04, 2006


Last night my bar night plans with my girlfriends didn't pan out, so I ended up watching Rent on DVD and tossing back a couple beers. The combination of the two resulted in the following, in order:

  • Light singing

  • Loud singing

  • Tears

  • Replaying the La Vie Boehm scene and acting out the dances in my living room

  • Replaying the Out Tonight scene and acting out the dance in my living room (very challenging endeavor)

  • Discovery and invention of speech for sister's wedding that made me cry

  • Determination I am an incredible speech-maker

  • Complete inability to recall said speech

  • Invention of blog post in my mind saying how much I miss Seattle Girl as she is such a neat person and cherished friend, making my self cry yet again due to my own verbal elegance

  • Texting DTH guy (named after the place of initial contact) saying "I miss the taste of your lips." Because such a normal thing to do.

  • Amazing how much one work of art can be the catalyst to so much.

    Another inspiration I recently had to which I am utterly dumbfounded occurred yesterday morning. When discussing our next encounter, I offered to cook dinner for DTH guy.

    Wha??? What the hell came out of my mouth? It isn't that I can't cook, I can follow a recipe, and even doctor it to make it better. It is that I honestly believe that paying someone else to do all the work is so worth it. Now I have to go shopping, prep and cook the damn meal, and then clean up. Since I am a bright side person, I am already looking to the challenge and adventure of it all, as I of course cannot prepare anything I already know how to make. Don't be silly, what would be the fun in that?

    Said encounter is tonight, so off I go to find a recipe and get this thing off the ground. Wish me luck.

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