Monday, October 13, 2008

one hour and twenty minutes later

Yeah, that rocked.

Didn't feel like the oldest person there.

Energy kicked ass.

And maybe....just maybe...these guys got a little boost because they have a bonus song on GH3.



Holy crap you could tell this song was the tipping point. Two years ago I saw them at the roseland and was shocked that they were opening. Now they are headlining two nights.

With three opening bands, did I mention that?

No worries, I strolled in at 9:50, made a beeline towards the back bar and stopped 20 feet from the stage because Rise Against came on.

Crappy timing, eh? Not.

Gotta tell ya - they are awesome. If you get a chance see these guys, I lurve them. Maybe more than Weezer.


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