Friday, October 31, 2008

just a thought

So as much as I am loathe to admit it, primetime TV just gave me some insight.

Tonight I was watching Grey's Anatomy, and this will not be a spoiler but more diaries from Meredith’s mother were discovered.

Being a normal human being I thought to my mother. The piece of rock whom only offers insight by act of supposition. The woman who I avoid and don't understand.

Damn the TV show, it occurred to me that my mother just never opened up to anyone. Which seems tragic. Then I wonder if I open up to anyone.

Oh, hello readers! So maybe I do.

Did my mother have an outlet though? What kind of doubts did she have at my age? Would she even remember? At my age she had three kids - hell I was six already.

So I just emailed to ask if she ever kept a diary. Frankly I doubt she remembers all her thoughts from 30 years ago. I'm shocked to read mine from just half a decade before now.

If you have children, I think the kindest thing you can give them is a record of your thoughts through life. Why not let them know that they are not alone? Hell, we all have to struggle. Understanding your parents went through something similar can only help.

One would think.

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