Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Sometimes I forget how happy I get by the fact that I receive free soda at work.

It brings me great joy. Right now I am totally grinning from ear to ear.

Sometimes I forget how proud I am that I live in new york city.

It provides me with contentment. My heart warms just thinking about it.

Sometimes I forget the delightful smell of that first crisp fall or winter day.

It always brings me a smile. Nothing makes me feel more alive than feeling the season change.

Sure it makes me sound like such a simpleton, but really these things are what turn my mood into a bring one. Often people ask me why I'm happy all the time, and I joke that it is all the caffeine.

And yes stimulants do play a part.

But really it is allowing myself to enjoy as much as I can every day that I can. Too bad I can't bottle this type of living, eh?

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