Tuesday, June 24, 2008

what's good for you

For a while now I've noticed how much hubabaloo there is for eating non-processed foods. The whole-food movement may not be new, but it seems like with the attention to organic product and the recent expansion of the name brand Whole Food markets people look on processed food as being the devil. Like it is a fact.

Granted I am exceptionally wary of genetically processed foods. Cross breeding corn is one thing, but when you mix it with mackerel and pesticides so that it repels bugs naturally?

Doesn't seem smart to me.

The whole hatred of processed food I think is a little excessive. It is like saying all medicine is bad and not necessary because of the wide distribution of medically irrelevant Viagra. Seems to me penicillin and aspirin are pretty damn good. And with the same logic some processed foods are okay too.

If you still feel some doubt I have one little thing to point out. People who are the most adamant against anything but whole food nine times out of ten are vegetarians. And what is that stuff they eat for protein?

Oh yeah. Tofu. Or Tempe. Both of which are processed food. Nice.


ctina said...

Seriously, why do vegetarians wear leather?

As for the food, most -but not all- tofu in stores is processed. And let's not forget the Boca burgers and false meats that give folks SERIOUSLY NASTY SMELLING GAS. That's a sign that something is amiss...

I'm more partial to the Natural vegetarian/ vegan/ raw food made at restaurants like Spring Street Natural Restaurant, or Blossom.

I think the homemade nature is less of a health hypocracy. And probably better for you.

AliGirl said...

Oh processed foods, how I miss thee. As kid I would eat three things: Cereal, Mac and cheese and cookies. I am a whole foods and trader joe's junkie now. I think all those cookies gave me Crohns. My doc says no, but I think it was all the processed goodness!

Anonymous said...

I think the 'processed' food thing is more about trans fat than anything else ... that stuff is crazy bad for you. Makes a longer shelf life or better 'mouth feel' for crap you shouldn't be eating anyway.

I think the pesticide/organic thing is a separate issue... in my mind at least. Nothing wrong with organic - if you like being duped. It's all marketing. So they don't spray pesticides on stuff... that's good I guess - but then why do they sell organic bananas or avocados? You don't eat the skin!! Who cares if they get sprayed with chemicals that make the bigger or whatever! It's marketing - thats all. Ugh.


Katie said...

tofu is icky... Give me a big ol' slab of SPAM any day!