Monday, June 02, 2008

schedules and plans

You know what is fun? Going on adventures. And it seems I have a few lined up.

This weekend? Boston. Thighs is adding Fenway to her roster of ballparks visited and I'm comin' along for the ride. Being that the one and only time I've been to bean town it was in the middle of February and freezing, this should be a blast.

Next weekend I'm back in Dtown for a quick trip. One of my friends is packing up an moving herself and her family to India. As in a whole different continent India. Talk about a reason good enough to get me to visit...

Finally, at the end of the month the piece de resistance - bachelorette party in Chicago. Five of us (six including the bride to be) are flying out to join the native windy city friends for revelry and mayhem.

My god, this is just the first month of the summer. How do you top all the major cities in the Northeast quadrant to start a summer?

Lets see if I can find a way without breaking the bank. My rent did recently significantly increase after all.

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Dev said...

Yeah!! You are coming into town!! It will be great to see you.