Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Trips galore!!

First there was Boston this past weekend. I accompanied Thighs to Fenway as part of her quest to conquer all major league baseball stadiums. It was definitely a good time, and there were three statements that dominated the weekend:

1) Wow. Fenway.

2) Geez this place is clean.

3) My god I love the shade.

It was mother frickin hot. And air conditioning? Seems they don't really believe in it in beantown. Seriously, after all day in the heat I actually got physically sick late in the night around 4:00 am. Which oddly was not as bad as being sick from drinking too much. Who knew?

Overall it was awesome. Lots of history, food, drink, and good times. My knee was swollen as heck which was a bit of a drag.

This weekend is the Detroit trip. This one is impromptu so it feels much more spontaneous and therefore adventurous. Even though being my hometown and is all familiar territory. Or maybe part of the thrill it is because I'm staying in a hotel downtown?

My fight gets in 10:00 pm Friday, and then it is drinks and maybe some late night cityclub. (yay!) Saturday starts with a surprise father's day brunch with dad. Surprise as in the parents don't know I'll be in town. THAT will be fun. The rest of the day is to be played by ear, which frankly is pretty darn thrilling.

Then Sunday is the goodbye party for Dev and fam before they shove off to India. Which will be neat, being the reason for the trip and all.

So the real question on my mind - if you always are busy on the weekends do you still feel rested enough to survive the workweek? Or is it the anticipation of the week to come that really makes time fly by? With the trip to Chicago at the end of the month still on the docket I've got a great chance to find out.

God I love experiments.

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Heather said...

Being in the weekend trips club myself the past 2 months, I think it's a little of in adrenaline from tiredness, sneaking as much sleep as possible during the week, and living in anticipation of the next trip. I'm excited for the next three weekends, but the looming vacation (10 glorious days at the beach!) is all that is getting me through...I much prefer longer trips to shorter. But cannot WAIT to see the Petes in 2 wks!