Thursday, June 19, 2008

knee drama

Seems I've been delinquent on the knee update. Mostly because I'm still in flux.

No matter what my running days are over. Bummer but okay. I got over that quickly.

Problem is that part of my cartilage is gone. And it doesn't come back. Cartilage is the shock absorber between my knee bones, so back when I was being diagnosed all the walking and biking was aggravating my knee itself and I had swelling and minor fractures in the bone.


The doc had me rest completely. No biking, swimming, or even walking until the swelling went down. He even considered having me walk with a cane.


Now the swelling is manageable and I'm working towards an 'organic' cure. This would mean 1) the cartilage remnants settle into a cushion 2) by some miracle it regenerates or 3) a fibrous tissue like scar tissue forms acting as a buffer between my knee bones.

Surgery or injecting some kind of cartilage stuff are both options, but not as good as the natural healing one I guess.

With this whole healing thing the biggest challenge is staying stationary and being patient. But I'm giving it a whirl. Because right now biking and rollerblading is looking REALLY good. Dammit I miss being active!!

Thus I’m taking it slow, avoiding walking and constantly icing my knee and taking anti-inflammatory meds. In about six more weeks I’ll know if this organic healing thing takes. So we’ll see…

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