Tuesday, February 06, 2007

fantasy life

Okay, so often I come up with little vignettes in my head. Stories of how I will meet and end up with someone. Be it Rivers Cuomo or the crush of the week.

It passes the time.

My current favorite goes like this:

I am on my way home, walking while listening to my ipod. Someone with whom I have a mutual interest buy only know peripherally (in this fantasy Wentworth Miller, go with it...) spots me from outside the bar across the street, where he and his friends are heading. He calls out my name, but obviously I cannot hear over my fantastic music.

So as he cannot let this moment pass he spontaneously bolts across the street to get my attention - without looking and gets hit by a car.

This I see. I run to him and he is unconscious.

His friends and I accompany him t the hospital. He will be fine; it is just a slight concussion. The friends go off to get some coffee and I am left alone with crush guy for him to wake up.

Which of course he does when I am the only one there, and in reaction to his surprise at my presence I ensue with witty banter. He is touched at my caring and wowed by my humorous musings, and thus the romantic episode.

The banter changes every time I go through this scenario. Sometimes I'm more sweet, others more sarcastic. Eventually when I run out of new banter I'll move on to an entire new scenario all together.

And that’s just one of ‘em. I am especially good at doing that for real situations, so that I can practice what I am going to say to get it down pat. Because obviously obsessing over interactions with someone that may or may not happen is always the best way to go.

Crazy? Like a fox I say.

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