Sunday, February 18, 2007


Yup, seems I've gone and gotten older again. Wooooeeeee.

It took me two years to get over turning thirty. The year leading up and the year after. Once I did become accustomed to it, age kind of didn't matter any more.

When Spaghetti turned 35 she had a hard time with it. Seems it was her 'turning point' age. I asked her, but she could never explain the significance of that year.

I don't know, maybe it is because I look young and can act young that age doesn't bug me so much. (Not that Spaghetti looks or acts any older than myself; I just know firsthand that I get verbal reinforcement all the time to set my mind at ease.) Or maybe that my health is so kooky that I don't feel intimidated by what may come.

Maybe it is because my dream in life was to live in NYC, and I have already accomplished that. Every morning I leave my apartment and look at the skyline, thinking, "this is awesome".

Honestly, I think that acceptance of aging comes with taking stock. Many things that most people measure their lives with never held any weight with me.

Marriage, children, money. I don't care.

Friends, adventures, knowledge. These are the things I hold stock in.

As for goals in the upcoming year, I am at a loss. RFW aptly pointed out my indecision about potentially running the marathon this year as being due to my need to have goals. I am a goal-oriented person, and if I can't find a new one than another 26.2 will do. So how about I make taking the GRE one? Why not?

And maybe picking my next direction. Once I chose a path then life is in motion again...regardless of the destination.


ctina said...

Have a great birthday, rockstar! whatever the next year may bring you, you've always gotta a pal right over here who'll be cheering

Samantha said...

Have a great birthday Bridget. I echo your sentiments of taking stock. I think that there's a point in our life where we are comfortable in our own skin, in all it's form. That point where we are comfortable saying, this is me.take it or leave it and you don't question it any more than that.

In reading your blog, you have been coming to that point through your many experiences.

Enough maudlin talk. Have a fantasstic celebration with those you hold near and dear.