Monday, January 29, 2007

waking dreams

The other day someone found my blog by googling "sex with a paraplegic." Which I found totally funny until I realized I had in fact blogged about this before.

It was a really hot dream. How could I forget that?

Then there was the time I had dreamt about a guy seducing me, equally steamy, but awkward due to occasionally our paths crossing.

Here is a new fun one - I dreamt the other night of a whole beginning of a relationship. The glances, the awkward first words, the gentle acceptance of each other. It was so long and detailed that when I woke up I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn't real. Although I may end up hitting on this person just because the dream was so good. God I hope he isn't dating someone. Or gay. Oooh, or married. Gotta look for the ring!

Guess you could tell it wasn't the guy I went on a date with the other week, I'm afraid that didn't work out.

In life my dad taught me two very important things: Always tip the bartender well on the first round, and the secret to being a good conversationalist is asking the right questions.

See, everyone's favorite topic is themselves. (Obviously including me, hello blog!) In general when talking people tend to drop all kinds of hints and items that are great openings for talking. And I enjoy talking to people with different experiences and life lessons.

But after two dates with this person I felt more like a therapist than a companion. Seems my presence brought out a need for validation, not mutual admiration. This person was so interested in his own drama he made me feel like my life was small. By god my life is not small. I ran the marathon for heaven's sake! That alone is marginally something...

Soooo, not so much with the latest guy. Good news is at least dating is getting easier!

And you never know with the relationship dream boy, you never know.

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