Thursday, January 04, 2007


If only there was a time release caffeine pill that you could take at bedtime and would kick in eight hours later.

Can you imagine your alarm going off and just waking up in a snap?


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Ichabod Crane said...

{Messed up the first time}
No such product yet exists; however, one can make do. Do you have a coffee maker with a timer? If not, get one; if so, get coffee ready before bedtime (even before getting trashed, horrors!) Set timer for five minutes before alarm and place coffee maker in bedroom. Wake to the smell of fresh brewed coffee, urging you to get some. Place two ice cubes in cup and fill with coffee and extras. Stir till ice dissolves and guzzle. Pour second cup and get into shower; take coffee into bathroom with you. Out of shower and large gulp of coffee; dry off, finish coffee in cup.
Not fill travel mug and third cup of coffee; have breakfast, finishing third cup. Dress, leave house with travel mug, it should be cooled enough to drink on the way to Starbucks (or wherever).
Repeat daily until weekend.
Not automatic, but suitable, no?
Good luck with NYR - after the fourth drink all resolve disolves...
Ichabod Crane