Wednesday, January 03, 2007

another year another post

Yes, I survived my New Years Eve party. My apartment unscathed, no neighbor complaints to be had, my liver a little worse for wear.

Somehow twenty-nine people fit into my NYC one bedroom apartment. Not too shabby if I say so myself! The party started somewhere around 7:00 with RFW and Spaghetti. The last guests left somewhere around 4:00 or 5:00. One of them again RFW. You have to give the girl mad props, she started drinking at the Jets game and kept going and going and going...

And of course as I am livin' and lovin' the digital life my photos are here

As an extra added bonus, bacon has also gone and posted some pics online. We aim to please.

The next day I pretty much stayed in bed nursing my annual "welcome to the new year you damn drunk asshole" hangover. Really should have gotten up and cleaned more, I just mopped the floors. I wouldn't have even done that but honestly my floors were a scary combination of spilt beer, wine, tequila, and mauled crab cakes and bacon meat treats.

Thus for the first time in years I, bridget rockstar, am making a New Year resolution. I resolve not to get drunk enough to completely incapacitate myself the next day. Lately my hangovers have been horrific, and there is no one to blame but my sorry ageing self. (Although I do blame the marathon for kicking my liver's ass, but that is beside the point.)

So this year when I drink I will SLOW DOWN AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME. I will not do shots after having five drinks already, and after four drinks will consume a pint of water for each beer thenceforth. Because I will not let my productivity be hampered by my body trying to foil me yet again.

Stupid body. Always tryin' to hold me back.

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