Thursday, October 06, 2005


This Codeine stuff has been giving me really weird dreams. I dreamt today that my dad was getting attacked in Disneyworld by a lion while my sister and I stood by and watched helplessly. Later on I dreamt I was having sex with a paraplegic. Really hot sex. (What can I say; I’m a sucker for strong arms) I have also had dreams this week taking me back to the mongolian bbq, general motors, michael jackson, and zombies. Whenever I have dream periods of my life there are the zombies.

I recently learned that people in your dreams tend to be combinations of people in your real life, that they represent more than one person at a time. For instance, that dream about your mother could represent your mom, your therapist, and your girlfriend all at the same time. That would be an exact paraphrase from a psych textbook a friend was studying from.

So I don't know who my dad, the paraplegic, or the zombies represent, but I'm really glad I'm out of Codeine so I can deal with one dream at a time like normal.

If given a choice, I'll go back to the paraplegic first, please.

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