Monday, October 30, 2006

fish out of water

Mackie the macbook has been a little under the weather, nothing bad just some slight bad plastic.  Discoloration of the orange variety.  I love the color orange, but on a white macbook it just looks dirty.


So I walked my happy little self to the apple store for a fix.  Of course somehow it never occurred to me that Mackie and I would have to be parted for a bit.  A bit being several days.


Mother of god I miss Mackie.  He is my main source of entertainment!  My hobby!  My means of grocery shopping and knowing daily weather!  I am lost without him.


This being said, just wanted to let you all know that blogging will be more of a challenge until we are reunited, but I will still get the all important “rockstar guide to viewing rockstar run the marathon” posted tomorrow or Wednesday.

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