Sunday, October 22, 2006

the departed

(Don't worry, no spoilers)

Last Sunday I took a walk to my favorite theatre in the city to see The Departed. The show was sold out. Knowing that another theatre a half-mile away was showing the film as well I took the stroll over. To find out that show too was sold out.


Yesterday Spaghetti and I decided to see the flick. So we met in Washington Square Park and walked to a theatre in Chelsea to see the movie. Of course it was sold out. So we walked to two more theatres for more of the same. Finally realizing that we did not need to chase all over Manhattan we bought the next available showing for two hours later.

Arriving twenty minutes early to the movie the seats were already almost full. We had to sit in the third row - for just the two of us.

Um, can I just say now that it all was worth it? REALLY, this is the best movie I have seen in a very long time. Marty is back. For the first half hour I thought it was Gangs of New York reheated, but then it happened. The brilliance.

He's got the Oscar hands down. And if you don't get your sorry ass out to see this movie you suck. It really is that good. Better yet, it is so amazing that my building it up like that will not even make it less astounding for you.

Run, don't walk.

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Michael said...

I am torn on this movie... but not in the normal way.

I thought it was good. I enjoyed it. but I am not sure HOW MUCH I loved it, because simply there has been so much CRAP out lately that this was just a breath of fresh air. It was smart and stylish, it did not stop to explain itself and it was brutally funny, as only Martin can do it. I think thisis his best since Bring out the Dead which I think is greatly unappreciated. But do i LOVE The Departed because of the junk I am comparing it to, or because... I love it. Time shall tell. I do know that I love Fat Jack though, he was classic.

(too much... email... loved it)