Tuesday, October 03, 2006

excess of not enough

How in the hell am I supposed to study for my GRE or train for a marathon or get a boyfriend or have a social life or even BLOG if I work past 8:00 every night???

Last night I was at work until ten, tonight until eleven. And I'm still not caught up.

But on the bright side my superiors let me know they really LIKE me, albeit while pointing out that obviously I need some help. My first thought was relief, as someone I know to be reliable on Monday will fill the big hole in my area. Seems the support that was being referred to should be coming from my boss and colleague though.

So somehow my having too much work skipped right over me getting in trouble and more of my boss being under scrutiny. Funny how that one worked out, huh?

I'm thinking there are other politics involved; There is not much that anyone above me can do to aid me at this point, it is all details and questions being answered, more needs than my staff and I are currently able to fill.

One thing for sure, this whole ordeal sure is lighting a fire under my ass for grad school. I'm over restaurant/bar, I'm over retail, I'm over the travel industry, and I'm way way over corporate life. Academia seems like the next most logical fit...could you just SEE me teaching at the college level? *Sigh*


Anonymous said...

I could see you teaching a lot of things at the 'college-level', though most aren't academic!

Bridget Rockstar!! said...

Oh snap!!


wait, I have no idea what that means. damn, at least it wasn't high school level. :)