Saturday, September 24, 2005

why did you move to NYC?

Having been home sick for the past four days, I have to say "Amen!" to living in the city that never sleeps - and that always delivers. Everything I have needed has been brought to my door. Orange juice, vitamin water, movies (technically not delivery as on demand), and dinner from around the world. I have eaten Italian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, and Mediterranean. Not too much of any of the above, as my illness also reduced my appetite. (Thank god for small favors!!)

Quite often I am asked why I moved here. Even over this last rafting weekend it was inquired of me several times. My response tends to be simple and true - "I wanted to live there."

Of course it is more than that. It is that I feel at home here. Just as much as home as I do in the house I was raised in, that my parents have been in for 33 years. There is something about the life, the bustle; the freedom to be who you are that is necessary to me. Likewise, the potential for the extraordinary to be ordinary.

For example, on any given day I could be (and have) encountered the following:
- A person playing a harp (in the subway)
- Eating a burger at the bar where Dylan Thomas died, noticing John Turturro at the next table over
- Someone riding a six-foot tall unicycle wearing a three-piece suit (obviously part of his regular commute)
- A helicopter landing in the VIP heliport with secret service type men around
- A four-story tall robot that I really thought was going to walk on me

Et cetera, et cetera. Yes, I crave a life unpredictable.

All of that aside, there is something more in my love for this town. As much time as I spent last weekend looking at nature in all of its resplendent beauty, I felt just as much, if not more, awe and respect in seeing the New York City night skyline as I approached home. My heart was overwhelmed by pride knowing that I live THERE, that I am one of those twinkling lights in the sky. The joy I feel at that sight never has matched any wonder I have felt towards nature.

Until that changes, in NYC I will stay. Start spreadin’ the news…

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