Wednesday, September 28, 2005

hocus pocus

Still coughing, it is getting worse again. I don't even smoke anymore! At this point I am sick (to phlegmy to laugh) and tired of being sick.

It occurred to me the reason why I have been falling ill so often is germs.

Duh, you say. What I mean is that I go through the whole rigmarole - I exercise, eat well, take my vitamins, get my sleep. The problem is much more basic than this. I still bite my nails.

That would be as close to germs as you can come my friends.

As I have tried every other method in the book, I believe my next step is.... hypnotism. I know for a fact that Seattle Girl quit smoking by using one! Darling girl, do you still have the phone number? If you do please shoot it my way. I gotta stop eating bacteria; it's murder on my lungs.

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