Monday, September 26, 2005


So... I noticed on my sitemeter that I had a visitor from Queens the other day and FLIPPED OUT. It is true that I have been considering releasing my blog to my local friends, but after some editing. It is not my intent to insult or injure those around me. In my adrenaline flurried daze I went in and did some minor cuts and snips, but did not do the major job type stuff editing.

Yes there are a lot of people who live in queens, but this person specifically searched Blogger for "publishing rockstar", which would be some words that are used commonly in reference to me. Not normally together, but you catch my drift.

I did leave in the work bitching and moaning. There has been no call-back from the major financial company (I know EXACTLY where I blew that interview), but I still have my options open. So until I get closer to full disclosure, I'll leave the work rants as they are.

Of course, if one day you notice this site is blank...just email me, I can and may have to change the web URL in a flash. ;)

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