Sunday, May 04, 2008


At this time I am a proud owner of a guitar, a microphone, and two steering wheels.

All Wii game props.

Just when you think one game is fun and addictive, then they come up with something else. How many hours did I spend with Guitar Hero 3? I was ashamed to say. Was. Until I started playing American Idol Kereoke. Heh.

For the record, I am relieved that Grand Theft Auto IV isn't made for my system. The idea of driving through a digitally rereated city that I currently live in is waaaaaaayyyyy too tempting. For gods' sake they even recreated the Astoria Beer Garden. In shockingly accurate detail.


AliGirl said...

The question is..are you a rock legend yet? I am sad and proud to say that I am a rock legend in my solo and co-op career. On easy of course.

Bridget Rockstar!! said...

Gurl, I'm a legend on easy AND medium. Haven't had the guts to try the next level though.