Monday, May 05, 2008


Well, after suffering through three weeks of a very swollen knee I made it to the rheumatologist. When it popped back in I was able to manage the stairs but I'm afraid the swelling stayed high and my overall motion was still limited.

After waiting two hours I finally saw my doctor. Obviously she was behind and a little rushed. I gave her the rundown of what happened while she read over my file. Then she took one look at my leg, said she would drain the fluid, give me a cortisone shot…

And I should take up cycling. As an alternative to running. Because running seems to be aggravating my knee.


While she went to get the needle I started to tear up. Not run? I love to run! This sucks!!

Then I grasped my last straw. This injury is not like the last. Not at all. Stairs were never a problem in the past, and the swelling was even proportioned differently. When the doc returned I pointed this out and she conceded that I could have developed an injury and scheduled me for an MRI. Oh, and a kabillion blood tests. Seven vials of blood, people.

God, I have to say that it will be such a disappointment if I have to give up running. It is a sport and a pastime I truly have come to look forward to.

On the bright side (Note: inevitable that I find one. Given lemons will make lemonade.) Running has only been a part of my life for a very short time. Probably the past five years. If I was able to fall so completely in love with something that I never had really done before who says my next sport won't be even more enjoyable? Also, I have to wonder if I was focusing on racing so much that I was distracted from becoming proficient in other activities. Say, like yoga. *cough*

So now I gotta buy a bike. Advice anyone? I know NOTHING about them. Not since my huffy in junior high have I had one. But I have heard something around to the effect that if once I had learned how to ride...


ctina said...

my injury seems parallel to yours- i'm also biking these days. are you looking for a cruiser or a racing bike? try craigslist before hitting a store. also, call 311 for a bike map of nyc- they are invaluable. and, sign up for the century bike ride too. it's really fun, not a timed event, and you see the city in a way you haven't before

Erica said...

Chat up the Ron bon. Not only does he know good bikes, he could also probably tell you about some awesome bike paths. Either that or he'll try to convince you to take up tennis, but I don't think that'll be too good for your knee either... :)