Thursday, May 08, 2008

quitting by default

For my entire life I have had Texas in my mouth.

Not quite literally of course. My left front tooth has a refrigerator white birthmark in the shape of the lone star state.

Growing up this always drove me crazy. It made all my other teeth look more yellowed than they were in reality because of the contrast. Then of course as I have gotten older my teeth all actually have stained a bit...what with ten years of smoking and sixteen years of several cups of coffee a day. Oh, and then of course there is the fact that I almost knocked my tooth out about eight years ago when a car braked suddenly, effectively breaking the nerve and killing it.

Really. It is a dead tooth. Which means that you can't whiten it. At least not much.

So in the most vain decision of my life I decided to get veneers. I would have gotten just one for ole' Texas, but they need to do both the front ones at once to match.

It was kind of a hard decision, because there is no turning back. A dentist shaves down your teeth to make space for the dental work. The permanence of this totally freaks me out, but I decided to go for it anyway.

Tuesday I took the first step. Went to the doc, he took a mold, shaved my teeth, and set me up with temporary veneers that last two weeks until the permanent ones are done and ready to be put on.

Of course being me I lasted 24 hours. That would be a whole day before I knocked one loose. Not sure if I was going to have to make a trek to see the doc again or if I could use denture cream to secure the sucker back on I hit the world wide web. I hit it hard.

You would think before deciding to get this done I would have done some research? Heh. Surprise. Not so much. Know what I learned?

With veneers you can't bite your nails. Because the nails are too tough and the veneers will pop off.


Yeah, I have been a lifelong nail biter. A whopping 36 years old and I've quit like twice for over a month. Never lasting more than three. Until now of course. Because holy crap my teeth are already shaved and I can't have these things popping out all of the time.

Guess I'll have to learn how to type with nails. And do research before making irreversible decisions. Yep.

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