Thursday, May 01, 2008

selling stuff

Wow, selling things on ebay is kind of fun! Well at least if people actually bid on your item.

Just finished the sale of my futon for $51. Quite a relief as my new couch and chairs were delivered yesterday. Kind of hard to relax in an apartment where you have a ton of furniture but can't manage sitting down on any!

On the flip side of my futon success I have put up about 26 CDs on to sell, and there are no nibbles at all. None. Nada. Zilch. Boring as hell, and not helping me sell down the clutter.

Seems the best way will be to sell in bulk, boxes at a time. Because I'm cleaning up and packing out baby! Rockstar's got a brand new bag!

1 comment:

ctina said...

wierd ! i was just thinking of e-baying my stereo CD player with remote. are CD players too archaic anymore? the no-bite on your CDs is scary!

btw your place is BEAUTIFUL. am sick with envy.