Thursday, April 17, 2008


Thanks to Ali Girl I have two ideas for floor plans. No I didn't draw in the kitchen or bathroom. They are between the living room and bedroom in case you wondered.

I'm torn on how to arrange the living room furniture. What do you think?

Sofa in the big window nook with bookcase behind chairs and against free wall?

Or sofa facing people as they enter the room with bookcases behind it?

Oh decisions. Now I just have to find a couch and some chairs.


AliGirl said...

Glad I could help. I think the way to start here is if you want a loveseat or a three seater couch? The loveseat will fit by the window but a three seater probably won't?

Bridget Rockstar!! said...

Believe it or not it will fit a whole couch - 88 inches across! My queen size futon is there now with inches to spare.

Flighty Bird said...

which direction/exposure does the window face? will it be perfect for afternoon napping in a pool of sunlight? If so, that's my vote!!