Wednesday, April 02, 2008

apartment panic

Somehow I have gone and done it. I've found a new apartment.


Don't get me wrong; it has the laundry list I was looking for. Also the rent increase is not quite as bad as I thought it would be, especially since in the new place utilities are included.

It is just so goddamn hard to wave goodbye to the money to seal the deal. Five figures people. Out of my pocket. The broker fee alone was just over four grand.

Oooooh sweet green moola, I will miss you. You and your potential. All the myriads of things you could have been. Like quitting the job or traveling the world. Or...buying something expensive. Okay, maybe I didn't have that many ideas of what to do with the cash. Wasn't quite ready to save to own a place quite yet anyway, so that wasn't on the list. Really, how could I save a min of 60K? Dude, that is just sick.

Tomorrow I sign the lease. Once the money is out of my bank account and I'm legally bound to a new landlord the feeling of my stomach in my shoes will subside. But until then my brain is dashing in circles asking if I really am that tired of stairs or if I could find an even better place or if I could find a cheaper place or OH MY GOD THE MONEY WILL BE GONE.

Only then can I start the mad analysis of furniture placement. Yes I make charts. Lots of them. For ultimate floor plan arrangement. Oh the possibilities.

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AliGirl said...

Congrats dear! I hope the Fischetti TV is happy in it's new home :)