Wednesday, September 24, 2008

work harder

Have you been watching the show The Cleaner? Who knew Benjamin Bratt could be so captivating?

At one point a character, the father of the addict, said that he was tired of fighting. The advice given? Choose what you care about, but no matter what don't stop fighting.

That, I get. Nothing worth having is ever easy. If I've said it once, I'll say it a million times.

But you do realize too that once you get what you want you have to work even harder to keep it.

People who make it look easy do so not because it actually was a piece of cake.... but because they accepted that the work was worth it. Ease does not come from inaction; it comes from willful acceptance of effort.

I'm willing to put in the time. I make my accomplishments look easy because early in life I realized I had to work hard. Acceptance came to me at a young age. Probably because I wanted a hell of a lot. Heck, I had two jobs or more until I was 30, and here I am doing it again. Why? Because I want more. So I'll work harder.

If you spend more time complaining about something than you do to changing it, think again. All that energy spent being negative could be doing something far more positive. (Seriously, just time yourself for a week. You may be surprised.)

Every hour of every day is a gift. Strike that - an opportunity. Your chance to reach out and grab it. Just expect that when you reach out you may have to achieve a handstand to get a grasp.


Time and energy is limited, spend time treading water or take a deep breath and swim to shore. Your choice.

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