Sunday, September 14, 2008


Day two just kicked my ass.

We started the day with a two-hour yoga practice. And you know what? I am officially the sweater of the class. As in perspiration.

Sure, other people were dripping here and there, beads of liquid forming on skin. But me? RIVERS of sweat. Every time we would go from a standing pose to bend over three drops would hit my mat.

Every time.

Without exaggerating I can easily say that I was five times as damp as anyone else in the room.

The fact that I get a little sweatier than most is not really a surprise; I had the same issue running. But in yoga you can't wear a baseball cap to soak most of it up.

Luckily I had already discovered a tool to help me with this challenge in my practice. A marvelous invention called yogi toes. It is terrycloth overlay to your yoga mat that absorbs sweat and keeps you from sliding. Because liquid plus rubber = rockstar yogi landing on her ass.

It is compact, light, and machine washable - so it also is a much more hygienic surface to practice on. Which comes in mighty handy if you happen to rent a mat at your studio.

The rest of the day was a lot of leaning and a few more poses. All the basic stuff so far. Can't wait to see how I feel once we start doing inversions all day...

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