Tuesday, May 29, 2007

stupid movie

Over the weekend I hit the jersey shore with spaghetti and thighs.

We spent a gorgeous couple of days on the beach, saw a minor league baseball game (go blue claws!) and walked the seaside heights boardwalk.

Oh, and drank a hell of a lot. We finished off two fifths of vodka and three six-packs of beer. Can't say we don't know how to toss 'em back.

I had brought along five movies in case of inclement weather. To be safe I covered the whole spectrum. Casino Royale for action adventure, Venus for drama, Wedding Crashers for comedy, Scrubs season 5 disc 1 for short attention spans, and of course a romance...The Notebook.

We watched the standbys - Wedding Crashers and Scrubs. I've already seen Casino Royale, so when I got home last night I threw caution to the wind and watched The Notebook for the first time.

Crack cocaine for women. Female porn. Damn damn damn stupid romance. Yes I am a sucker for this kind of thing. Skipped back and watched the good parts a second and third time around, the whole nine yards. I was so wound up after the damn thing I couldn't go to sleep until forever.

Honestly it is a really simple premise. Tell a story about TRUE LOVE. The big magical phenomenon. And I want to believe. Hell, I think I do believe. Which is why I always am a sucker for these stories.

But in the light of day one has to wonder. There is a really fine line between drastic measures to prove your love and insanity.

Have you seen Say Anything? Romantic if you believe they were meant to be together, stalker if you are the girl and really wanted to break up with the guy.

The Notebook? Romantic if you believe they are destined to be together, madness to dedicate your life to prepare for someone if they really are going to marry someone else.

On occasion I have dated. These relationships didn't work out for a reason. It wasn't because the guys didn't stand outside my window playing music or didn't pine for me for years. In fact, if they would have done those things I might have been a little frightened or sad.

So what is romance? I guess maybe it is attention when you really want it. Platitudes from someone you desire. And when we watch movies you kinda want the hot guy, so you can totally dig it. Which makes sense because when the ugly/strange guys pining in movies, the genre is a comedy. Say like The 40 Year Old Virgin.

Still I watch the damn stupid romances. Rationalized them to death and it doesn’t matter. Love them, can’t help it.

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