Tuesday, May 15, 2007

battle of the blahs

Lately I have been doing less and less on the weekends.

It started off because of my marathon training. At least 30 hours would be 'reserved' for my long run, time including no-drinking prep before and much needed nap after.

Then the holidays wore me out.

And now....what? For a while there I was worried that my problem is that I was getting old. But a couple of Iron pills later I could feel a resurgence of energy. With which I did nothing.

So here we are on the brink of summer. My company has summer Fridays (almost didn't this year, close call), and my department opts for the every-other-Friday-off option.

Which means I had better god damn well make sure I'm not sitting on my sorry ass at home on those long weekends.

Memorial day is covered, a weekend at Frank the Tanks' on the Jersey Shore. But what to do what to do with the rest of my time?

A wedding in MO in June.

One day in Philly for a baseball game with Thighs.

And methinks some trips to visit friends. See Kzoo Jen maybe? Drop by to visit Seattle Girl? Finally get around to seeing my cousin in Portland? Maybe a quick hello to Dawnalicious in Vegas?

Or maybe some adventure destinations? (Drawing a blank here)

Who am I missing? Anyone up for weekend adventure?


Flighty Bird said...

I am getting the every-other-friday-off, too and have started planning my excursions!! it's fun to think of the adventures! maybe boston? and baltimore, inner harbor area is really pretty with a GREAT night-life!

Katie said...

if you think you could put up with me for a weekend, I'd definately be up for a trip to portland :)