Thursday, December 07, 2006


After my completion the marathon everyone wants to know one thing.

Am I still running?

Marathons seem to often produce running burnout. All that time and energy for so many months leading up to the pinnacle of physical torture. Not so surprising that people pull back from the sport and run the other way.

Pun totally intentional.

Me? Still jogging. Thing is I love the sport even more. That is what is amazing.

See during training all you do is push yourself farther than you have ever gone before, and then once you accomplish that you push yourself farther again and again...basically you are always striving for an ideal that you really don't know if you can make.

Now running is about seeing what I can do as a normal person, not a superhero. For example I signed up for a 10K this weekend, so this past Sunday I ran six miles just to prep. Since the marathon the longest run I have done has been three miles. Guess what - doing the six was no problem. I felt good, healthy, motivated.

Oh riiiiight, the way you are supposed to feel after exercising. Not broken and bruised.

I'm so happy that I love running even more now. That I feel stronger and better at the sport. This 10K is going to rock!!

And no, I still don't want to ever run another marathon ever again. I'll stick with nothing longer than 13 miles thank you very much.

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