Tuesday, December 12, 2006

clearing out

Some things you just can't give away.

No, really.

I decided to buy myself some grown up furniture. You know, anything but my futon. Big step, I know. Especially with the whole grad school thing still in my head. It doesn't have to be a lot of furniture. Just something comfy for my poor aging back. All the running wears a girl down.

But I digress. As part of my move I am trying to unload my desk. With the laptop I don't need it. Just a file box and it is replaced and I have more space in my apartment. Saweet.

So I go to eBay, start the bidding at a dollar. Solid cherry wood desk with chair. Admittedly it has a scratch or two, but someone has to want it, right? So far one bid for the dollar. In four days. Seriously.

Guess the whole having to arrange their own pickup to carry it down the five flights of stairs may be a deterrent.

Whatever. Wimps.

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Samantha said...

Put it on Craig's List