Saturday, December 16, 2006

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I would like to introduce you to Seymour:

Seymour is a dionaea muscipula, more commonly known as a venus flytrap.

See, I asked my sister for a fly swatter for Xmas. Because I have a house fly that has been living with me for a month. Really. I actually talk to him at this point. The conversation goes like this

"Bzzzz" *fly by*

"Damn you! Stupid bastard fly!"

Attempt to murder Mr. Fly.

Failure to murder Mr. Fly

"Bzzzzz" *victory lap fly by*

Me shaking my fist in the air "damn you, damn you to hell!"

Yes, I really do shake my fist at the fly. You would too, trust me. Hopefully my natural way to assassinate the bastard will work. Good start to the Xmas gifting, is it not?


On another fun note, eBay totally did work. Sold my desk for $72 and someone picked it up this morning. My apartment actually looks twice as big. I can fit at least five people (standing) in the newly vacated space. Just in time for the new years party. Saweet.

It was so easy and went so smoothly I'm actually thinking of other things to sell. I'll definitely unload my futon that way whenever I end up getting a new couch. Which will happen AFTER new years, as said couch need not be destroyed within a week of purchase. Not that I don't damage or destroy everything I own, but I would like to go a month. Is that too much to ask?


This last bit I have been going back and forth in my mind deciding whether to post or not. If I use enough code it should work, so here we go.

Every Friday at work I chair a meeting. Yesterday as I went to enter the conference room three people were in it. They all looked familiar, but one not from the job. It took me about ten seconds to realize that this person was one of the top 20 most famous bloggers out there who I happen to read almost every day, and I had recognized this person from photos on the blog. Blogger celebrity sighting!!

Of course being me I said something - confirmed identity and mentioned that I am a big fan, love the sight. This person seemed less than happy, so I even tried to make a joke to lighten the mood. Making them leave the conference room shouldn't be that big of a deal, should it?

After the meeting I went to catch up on the blog. The reason for the discomfort? Heh, seemed that my company had sued this person, and even though still kind of stuck doing business with us there was general worry mentioned on the blog that my company was reading the site to monitor for more legal action. By being all friendly I was helping to realize this person's fears. That I was some spy that would be causing her future trouble.


What went to being really awesome became terrible. I sent this person an email explaining that I was of no harm and offering my services to navigate the corporate landscape. But if in their position would you believe me? Hard to do, I'm sure.


Finally, I may not be out taking part but the Santa Pub Crawl still totally rocks!!

Holiday cheer is best served with alcohol, need I say more?

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Katie said...

don't worry, you are getting a fly swatter too, as a back up, just in case...