Thursday, April 27, 2006

superhero power

If I could choose any superhero power I would choose beauty. This is a brand-new power, so bear with me.

It is not that I think I am unattractive. I am cute. And it works for me. I am unthreatening. I entertain, I blend. Occasionally I can cause a giggle.

Beauty, like any superpower, can be dangerous. As Ani Difranco says "everyone harbors a secret hatred for the prettiest girl l in the room."

Too much of anything makes people uncomfortable, or suspicious. Power also intimidates. In any form.

On the other hand, all human beings, of any culture, trust attractive people more. The more attractive you are, the more honest and loyal you are assumed to be.

This is why beauty as a superpower is brilliant. Most of the time, through everyday life, you are a normal person drawing no extra attention and causing no controversy. Your alter ego, secret identity.

But in those moments when you really need it:

  • When pulled over for a traffic ticket

  • If ID'd for a club when you forgot your license

  • Those last minutes during the closing of a sale

  • At the closing of a job interview

  • You pull out your superpower and BAM!!! It was the edge you needed.

    Now, just like when you are given the opportunity to choose any superpower - as we normal people are given the choice in that it is all theoretical - would you use your powers for good?

    Of course!!!! Collecting money for charity, helping other people feel more attractive by proxy...oh, and the phenomenal masturbation fantasies I would provide!!

    I just ask when this new superhero is created she is called Rockstar. Okay, and a 2% royalty. Unless I write my own graphic novel...

    Anyone know any cool female graphic artists? Hmmmmmm

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    shirley said...

    I'd opt for cute. Behold! The power of cute!