Sunday, August 28, 2005


A few thoughts that come to mind while watching the vma's.

- Green Day ROCKED. They absolutely deserved all of those awards.

- Lindsay Lohan looks exactly like Hillary Duff. Why? And what in god's name happened to her boobs? They were so well loved, and now they are gone...

- Hilary Duff is so emaciated she doesn't even look like herself. How terrible. She and Lindsay are supposed to be Disney-type role models for children?

- Pre-show crap done by MTV sucked. They are not good at juggling live events. (note live 8)

- Diddy knows how to host. Now if he just could get his name straight.

- I may regret admitting this, but Kelly Clarkston really did a terrific job. She put on a great performance.

- My Chemical romance was totally gypped. Gwen Stephanie was not.

- Are Ciara and Missy dating?

- Have Beyonce and Jay Z broken up?

- I gotta teach myself the guitar and make a video so I can win a moon man and get to some of these after parties. Teach these fools how to really roll.

- Oh, and teach myself to get real.

Now back to our ordinary programming.

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