Monday, August 15, 2005


This morning on the subway the woman next to me could not stop looking over at me. She did not look insane, so I rather disregarded it.

On my walk to work I noticed a person or two looking my way. It occurred to me that although while walking in this burg I try to remain as inconspicuous as possible to avoid trouble, I am not invisible.

I thought about the big fish/small pond big fish/huge pond concept and how I am so much more used to blending in than I ever have in my life. Thoughts of my Rubine fuchsia hair and doc martens crossed my mind. How resigned I was once to always being the person people stopped to ask for directions. Why mad hair color increased accessibility I'll never know.

While unlocking my office door I noticed I had arrived to work with my shirt inside out. Seams and all.

Philosophy inspired by my occasional lack of ability to notice detail. It's better, I suppose, than the time I wore my workout pants inside out at the gym and did not realized until I made it home. Yes, people stared that day too, but in my mind it was in appreciation of my ass.

Glass half empty or half full? Just needs to be topped off with some more bubbly, I say.

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