Monday, December 20, 2004

May the best blog win

I read the most interesting article from the NY Times today that was discussing the breakdown of privacy and confidentiality that has been occurring because of bloggers. I talked about how the web is being used more and more as a strange new form of gossip and rabid rumor spreading. But what I found really interesting was that it stated that most bloggers are, in fact, women.

This I find funny, as I was inspired to join in the great World Wide Web adventure because of one of my male friends who had started a blog. Since the creation of this site, I have been doing random browsing and had rather noticed the gender gap.

What really is the most intriguing is that it seems that the women talk quite openly and graphically about sex, while the men do not speak of it at all.

If you are a woman who openly discusses her active sex life, you are deemed quite metropolitan, chic, say world savvy. If you are a man and you discreetly forgo any details of your sex life in order to ruminate about your more emotional side, you are deemed a mature, world wise, and stable man.

I have to ask you reader - if the guys were to speak as openly about their sexual relations, would you think less of them? Are these people drawn to each other? Have the stereotypes switched sides?

I have to admit I find reading other people's logs quite voyeuristic, and really enjoy the guilty pleasure. Also, I find the concept of reading the inner workings and thoughts of someone I am dating, to let me in on what is going on, really tempting. But on the flip side, I would absolutely LOATHE to read anything negative about myself on a blog of someone I was intimate with!

Guess I'll have to resort to good old-fashioned conversation, huh? Of course, the upside is that it seems much easier to make out with someone you are talking to as opposed to his or her blog. Unless you are into that kind of thing... ;)

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