Friday, December 24, 2004

all I want for christmas

Christmas is such a big deal for so many people, and frankly I just don't get it. I happened to go near a strip mall today. Near because I actually convinced my sister to let me part accross the street in the deserted bank parking lot. Living in NYC gives a whole new perspective to not caring about parking.

The strip mall consisted of a Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, and Walgreens. I have no idea why the paking lot was jammed to such extremes, but we are talking major car wars here.

Frantic people driving around getting those last minute gifts, food items, finishing touches.

For heaven's sake why? You would think that the day of redemtion was near. It is a common joke that people rush around in preperation for this holiday, but when did it all become so serious?

More importantly, why can't the same care and concern for your loved ones be spread out throughout the year, or their lives? Instead of giving yourself a hernia packing in the gifts and caring into one or two measly days, if we all took the effort to show how much you care every day in a million ways, would christmas still be so crazy?

How much has to do with keeping up with the Jonses? When making holiday preparations do people think about how they wil l be percieved or compared? Or could it be about trying to maintain a certain amount of tradition?

Has the media blown this holiday out of proportion for us? I don't know. All the same, I wish all the best to you and yours, and for the joy and peace (if that is how you view the holidays) to last throughout the next year.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite part is the people who spend all month getting gifts from here and there and then wait till the last minute to wrap them, only to wake up 6 hours later to open them. If your going to try to stretch out the holiday, why don't you allow yourself some time to relax before the big day?