Saturday, December 18, 2004

A fine line

I happened to be listening to the Avenue Q soundtrack today, and heard the most amazing thing. It was in the song "There's a Fine, Fine Line". There are quite a few great pearls of wisdom tied into this comedic tune, but the one that hit home was:

"There's a fine, fine line between a fairy tale and a lie"

This is something I think about quite often. Most of the time I am resplendent in my singledom. However, every once in a while I read a book, see a movie, or watch a TV show that throws me for a loop. The romantic comedy type, mostly. The concept that someone will meet you, act a fool for you, and go to extreme measures to convince you of their everlasting love is beyond me. I know that it is fiction, but it always seems to cause a stirring of "why doesn't that happen to me?" that just ticks me off. Why am I such a sucker to go and draw hopes or dreams from the imaginations of others?

It always brings me back to fairy tales. The concept of Cinderella. Of Beauty and the Beast. Heck, of the Frog Prince. The heroine goes through a little hardship, but in the end the handsome prince is there to take care of them now that they have made it through the gauntlet. Happily ever after, they have found their true love and they can be content in their love for the rest of their lives.

What crap. Who is really ever rescued? Yes, it can be wonderful to be in a relationship, but do you ever have to stop working at it? Really? Heck, the prince always turns back into the frog, its just now you love him enough to help him keep his warts under control. You notice more and more that he has fly breath and keeps leaving lily pads in the tub. True love is the acceptance of those inconsistencies.

Which brings me back to the show Avenue Q. There is another song called "The More You Ruv Someone". The point of this happy tune is that you know you really love someone if they are so annoying they drive you mad enough to kill them. How brilliant of the creators of the show to wrap up childhood concepts of the sesame street crew with the realities of adult life. For once I am so relieved that there is a fairy tale with elements of real expectations. Now if only the couple didn't end up together in the end. So close.

So now you are thinking that I MUST love the movie "As Good As it Gets". Yes, this movie is the ultimate idea of accepting people for their faults, for loving them complete in all of their faults. But stop - rewind. The real point is to not have unrealistic expectations, just take anyone who will be kind of good to you. Again, not a good message.

What is a fiction whore as myself to do? Why, watch only action and horror flicks, of course. With an occasional documentary thrown in here and there. I am currently in love with "The Station Agent" if you are having the same dilemma as myself and am looking for a beautiful flick imbedded with truth.

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