Monday, June 13, 2011

spirit fingers

One fantastic side effect of having re-discovered my lust for life would be an increased sense of adventure. As in I'm gunning for excitement and willing to try new things.

Offhand one night I mentioned my my friend Jarv that I had read in the times about classes where you learn actual broadway musical dance routines.  Which being such a huge bway fan totally geeks me out.  Well guess what?  Jarv has been longing to get back to some dance classes as she used to take them when she was younger.

Well what's to stop us then?  Ha.

Turns out this place the Broadway Dance Center is a REAL dance school.  You know, for people who go to Juilliard or are gainfully employed on the great white way.  In order for me to take the musical class I apparently need to get some basic experience under my belt.  Because I may have a sense of rhythm, but I'll be damned if I know a thing about choreography.

The first five minutes of the Intro to Jazz class told the tale.  The teacher asked if there was anyone new to the class.  Two strangers, Jarv, and I raised our hands.  Then the question "has anyone never taken a dance class before?" was presented.

I raised my hand.  All by my lonesome.

The teacher focused in on me.  "You've never taken a dance class?"





Now I'm feeling paranoid.  So I shrug and mumble "Well, maybe I have".  Which is true.  I did take exactly two ballet lessons when I was five years old.  And you know, that was, like, yesterday.  (ha ha)

She then asks me to demonstrate a plie'.  Which I knew and performed.  Then she asked me to show the class a releve'.  And I just stood there staring at her blankly.

Luckily she said I could learn in the class and report back at the end.  And I did.  Whew.

Overall it was an interesting experience.  And kind of fun.  I was able to follow along 75% of the dance routine and actually feel like I was dancing for most of it.  Which was great.  I've even downloaded the song from itunes to practice.  Because I DO need practice.

In the second class I attended there was someone else who was new to the center, and she was presented with the same quiz on the two moves.  Which put my mind at ease as I hadn't been singled out, it was her generic way of determining skill levels.  She did remember me when I went back.  I most definitely stood out not only because of my apparent inexperience , but because I also happen to share the same first name as her dog.  What are the odds.

Anyhoo I've committed to keep attending class until I either get better or decide that learning how to dance to grease lightning is beyond my grasp.  Because how cool would I be if I could do actual dances from Grease??

Cool.  Right.  That's totally what you were thinking.

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