Wednesday, June 08, 2011


This week I was flown out to Seattle to meet a whole bunch of people with whom I work with every day.  It was kind of awesome.

My employer just built a whole new CAMPUS, not just a building.  And it is glorious.  Totally green (as in environmentally conscious.), shiny, progressive.  I passed a ping pong table in use.  They have vitamin water in the vending machines.  They don't need whiteboards on the walls because all the wall ARE whiteboards.

So pretty.

So that was fun.  On top of that it was so great to meet the people with whom I work with every day, albeit on the phone or via email.  Face to face always helps.  Especially once they see I'm friendly and am non-threatening.

Also great?  Catching up with my friends jane and vicki who live in the area.  They are such wonderful people to be around, and always make an evening spectacular.

Interestingly enough my work association got my hotel room upgraded.  I got a jr suite with a spectacular city view.   It was sick how awesome it was.  Although when I ended up having to work east coast morning hours on the west coast the extra room kind of made a lot more sense.  Every day I started work at 6:30 am and then worked until 7:00 pm.

Traveling was luxurious, flattering, exciting, and challenging.  Thus I am very glad to be home.

Oh no, it's only Thursday....

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