Friday, November 13, 2009

if wishes were horses

A long time ago I discovered the advantage of goal lists. Not the kind that you write haphazardly on a cocktail napkin and lose, but the kind that you actually have in a place that you'll go back and check to see what kind of progress you made.

Most likely the reason I'm a fan is because for the longest time I felt like I never accomplished anything. Yet whenever I'd go back to my list I could check off 75% of what I had written!

We so quickly forget our accomplishments and focus on what we lack. Human nature I think.

My favorite place now to log my goals is the Lululemon Goaltender site. It is based online and lets you track your progress towards 1yr, 5yr, and 10yr goals for career, personal, and health. Not too shabby.

Diligently I have been working towards being a yoga instructor. First part-time to make some extra cash, but with future retirement plan potential. So my blinders have been on and I've been investing my time and money. Then today I re-read my career goals:

self. free. flexible schedule. comfortable. friendly. relationships. challenge. change. security. growth potential.

It hit me - right now in my full time gig I have six out of ten. Which is WAY better than I thought for some reason. It wasn't when I started, or even after two years. Heck in the beginning of 2009 I only had one I think.

So this change in my nine to five gig is good, I can let myself off the hook a little bit about the yoga thing. With corporate life going well there is no rush to be a yogi. Just a really great tax deduction on a business that is making a negative profit.


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