Thursday, November 05, 2009

what's stopping you

For a while now I've wanted to be the kind of person who gets up in the morning and goes for a run.

Oh, I have excuses. My current nine to five life means I have to get up too early for my constitution. Heck, I'm a night person! When I get myself into a job that doesn't start 'till the afternoon then I'll be able to run when I wake up.

What a load of bull. When I have a new career that lets me sleep in later I'll stay up later. And still not want to wake up. I will still want to roll over and go back to sleep.

So what is stopping me? It isn't like I go out every night of the week, and when I do go out every night isn't a late one. That was my life a few years ago, not now. Between selling my soul to the corporate devil, training for a marathon, and then getting a yoga teacher certification I calmed down the night life.

Made things a little more disciplined. And healthier.

The choice is mine. Do I stay up later to watch a TV show that I'm barely interested in (or that I can DVR) or do I hit the hay and start becoming a little bit more of the person I want to be?

Thus starts the great experiment. I may aspire to be the kind of person who gets up to run, but when I get there is that who I really enjoy being?

How long should I go at it to make a decision. Three months? A commitment to wake up before work 3-4 business days a week. Will I like that girl?

We'll see. Starting now. (And that scares me a little bit, yes it does.)


ctina said...

The secret to getting up early to run is going to bed early. Discipline is good, but tricking your body into wanting to do it by itself is even better.

Try staying up really really late one night, then setting your alarm for 6am to run. And make yourself get up and run. Yeah, I'm suggesting you get about 3 to 4 hours sleep. That night, you'll crash early whether you want to or not. The next day, you'll wake up early automatically and be ready to run. Then, your new habit is begun for you by your body-- you don't even have to think about it!

Also -- lay out your running clothes -- OR sleep in them. It helps you get more miles in the morning, less time looking for a pair of socks.

Bridget Rockstar!! said...

great advice! I'll start sunday night, so watch out at work monday!