Tuesday, November 04, 2008

dream world

Last night I had one of those really good conscious dreams. You know, one where you know you are dreaming and can change some things. Steer them your way.

In my dream I was on a stage with Anderson Cooper and he was flirting with me.

Now as we *sort of* know I am in real life not quite his type. Being that I am missing a Y chromosome. (I would hope.)

Since I was kind of aware in my dream every time the silver fox would bat his pretty eyelashes at me I would be confused, kind of backing away. It seemed I had to be mistaken, my perception seemed to be flawed. But the more I pulled away, the more Mr Cooper came on to me.

So I finally just stopped resisting. And it was great! My response to his attentions made Anderson so happy that he then felt motivated to introduce the both of us to Bono. Who did not by any means appreciate our attention.

Ah well. Guess you can't win them all over.

So here I am left in the cold light of day, trying to figure out who these people symbolize in my life. And why it had to be on a stage?

Who out there wants to be Bono? :)

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