Thursday, July 03, 2008


One of my rather strange quirks is that I cut my own hair.

Since all of my other quirks are obviously SO normal. But I digress.

My mom always has and still does cut her own hair. Once or twice a month she washes her hair, then sits down in the family room in front of the TV with two hand mirrors and commence to her trim. She has had the same hairstyle as long as I can remember, a very short pixie-like cut.

So you could say the concept wasn't strange to me. But it isn't just that. No matter what I do and where I go, whenever someone else cuts my hair it looks awful. U-G-L-Y horrible.

Really, I'm not kidding. I gotta tell you, for some reason all the training and experience a hairstylist may have for some reason makes them look at my face and think:

"She needs a mullet. Clearly, a mullet."

I've gone to fancy salons and to regular joe shops. All the same, after shelling out a kabillion dollars I go home and 'clean it up'.

Now, the funny part is that I really have no rhyme or reason to how I cut my mop. After years of watching my mom I kind of know how to do layers and trim the back of my head. But as to maintaining a style?

Yeah, no.

Thus my ‘do is constantly in a state of flux. Which can be a downer if the previous style was a particularly flattering one? My hair grows pretty rapidly, thus nothing looks the same for more than a few weeks.

Which today would be a good thing. Since I trimmed my bangs yesterday. And well....


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