Wednesday, July 16, 2008

being girly

The whole concept of having to have 'feminine' traits in order to be accepted just burns me. It always has. If anything, I go out of my way to be un-stereotypical, embracing enthusiastically my masculine traits. Like math. Tech-love. Ability to play sports.

Heck, I even embrace the less-positive masculine traits. Like bad sense of fashion. Inability to care about my hairstyle. Task oriented behavior. (otherwise known as lack of sensitivity to personal situations in the workplace.)

On occasion I wonder if I am so quick to celebrate my differences because I decided sometime ago I was different. For example did I move to NYC because it is a place where unique people all fit in? Does the mass diversity in some way allow me to in some way to be considered 'normal' for once?

One thing I will say, appreciating the gender-neutral in myself allows me to appreciate the same in men I meet. Give me a sensitive guy any day over Mr Testosterone.

And hey - if the guy I'm with happens to be a little less task-oriented, I say bonus for me my friend. I can set up the speakers if he remembers the birthdays...

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