Wednesday, May 18, 2011

new job!!

Well I totally can't say nothing new is going on now.  I received an offer to work at and I have accepted it! 

Not only is it EXCELLENT money, but I still get to walk to work (bonus), the company is famous for job advancement/change every two years (extra bonus), and it seems to be staffed with people who I will really enjoy working with (super duper bonus if true)!!!

Being flown out to Seattle for a job interview was flattering and daunting. There are moments in your professional life where you feel like a real career woman, and being sent across country for a meeting is right now is at the top. As awesome as it was to go out there it was also that difficult to go through seven interviews in the one day. I left feeling like I bombed the interview, and that didn't feel so great. Even though they would call every week or so to say they were interested in me, my hopes were waning.

Until the Thursday of course when they made the offer.  Since then I've been flying high, on top of the world.  There are few more validating moments in any life than when you give notice at your job.  You get to hear how much people like you, will miss you, or will miss your work ethic. 

The only downside is that one of my three direct reports gave her notice two days after I did, with the same last day.  (under two weeks notice, what the heck is that?  guess not everyone I worked with respected me...)  Which is a drag because that means the two people left will have to pull double duty to keep everything running smoothly.  They can handle it, and I think that the pressure it will put on my successor will actually help him grow as a manager.  Good experience to have.

So all in all great news.  My last day at S&S is this Friday 5/20, and my first day at the new gig is the following Monday 5/23.  I don't take time off, I like getting paid. 

My goodbye bar night is tomorrow night.  Sad to say, but I'm kind of dreading it.  I never broke thru with the fun crowd at this company, never got invited for drinks by my peers.  So at first I wasn't going to make it a big thing, was just going to grab a couple of peeps I have hung out with at work parties.  But then a couple people asked so I figured what the heck, I'll make it official.

But I dread the turnout.  It will be haphazard and possibly only semi-fun.  Worst of all, I have a sneaking suspicion someone will ask my jerk sexist racist ex-boss to come, and he'll show up.  He's still unemployed, so he already called me when he heard the news of my new gig.

See why I haven't had fun at this job?  If I dread the bar nights what kind of place is that for me to work?  Right?

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