Wednesday, December 09, 2009

back to the drawing board

Well, it seems the raw diet really doesn't heal all.

Since doing the raw until dinner I have felt good about myself, proud of eating such healthy foods.

Unfortunately my Crohn's didn't feel the same way. I've had a couple of mini flareups. Nothing to send me to the hospital, just a couple of sleepless nights. Including last night.

So I'm going to back it up a bit. Still going to be as unprocessed as possible (now that I have the knack) but will eat myself cooked meals like the rest of the universe. Ayruvedic methodology never really supported the raw lifestyle, so maybe I'll read up more on that kind of diet.

But before I go back to whole foods I'll need to liquid it up a couple of days to rest the ole' intestines. Kind of like RICE therapy for running injuries (rest, ice compression, elevation) you gotta stay off the gimp leg while it heals.

Too bad I just got a fresh direct delivery...let's see how long that food can keep.

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