Monday, March 31, 2008

apartment angst

So today on a craigslist overload whim I decided to look at some new apartments. Because I have lived in mine for three and a half years...must be time to move.

Technically I have a really great deal. A mere $1450 for a one bedroom in hell's kitchen. Half a mile to work and half a mile to the park, surrounded by cool bars and restaurants. is the fifth floor of the walkup. And it is kind of falling apart. And there is no doorman so I have to have packages sent to my work. (Except for the spanx ones, which I arrange for Saturday delivery. My co-workers need not know the amount of spandex that coats these thighs.) And there is no laundry in the building so I end up dropping off as opposed to lugging the damn loads blocks away. And if I'm really given my druthers I'd be closer to the park.

Yes you have heard it before. Tonight I bit the bullet and viewed six places. Ranging from $2200 - $2550 a month.


The kicker is not one place had all of the missing elements I long for. My favorite thus far was really close to the park with an elevator, not so much on the laundry and package delivery. This place was a mere monthly $2500.

When I came home to review my choices I found a place that had all my items. For this dream apartment I would have to pay $2650.

How the hell can I justify to my middle-class sensibility to make the move? When I could save that extra $1200 a month and quit my job and travel the world? Or just spend that $1200 a month on anything else? ANYTHING ELSE?!?!?!?

And here you have witnessed someone talking herself out of a dream apartment. Maybe you can put a price tag on your dreams after all.


ctina said...

hey did you try looking uptown a bit? some friends of mine just found a place with everything in the 90s in that price range

Heather said...

For $2600 a month, you can BUY a place (do it!)!!!! Although I concur that amenities are key...but yes, save the $1200 and travel the world! you should have some good vaca time now, right? ;-)