Saturday, March 24, 2007

liver love

Seriously, I have been out drinking five out of the last seven days. And we are not talking just one beverage here, we are talking minimum four drinks each night. Ten on St Paddys day of course.

Its been a good week.

Hangovers? Not so much. I was turned out to the MIRACLE ELIXR. Purple vitamin water. Dude, you know on TV when the doctors are hung over so they plug into a "banana bag"? It is saline with potassium to re-hydrate. What is in the magical purple vitamin water? Potassium and B vitamins.


Another fun thing about this week is the fact that I have had ample opportunity to interact with my crush. Oh lord I'm crushing hard. This guy is a friend of a friend, and we don't cross paths all that often. This week we did.

Problem is he is really nice and very unassuming. Perfect to date but hard to get to flirt. I'm workin it though. Because I am totally obsessed with it.

Seriously, Thighs (formally known as RFW) had to listen to me go on for at LEAST two hours last night about every look and every comment that has passed between me and mr crush. God knows how many stories I have already told duplicate times. You know, like the time he did a double take when I came in the room. Yeah, I talk about that one a lot.

Lord I'm impatient. Can't we just date already? Oh wait, that would involve me actually asking him out. Might just pine for a while longer, methinks.

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